Saturday, March 18, 2023

Trash to Treasure; St. Patrick's Day Mug

Over the weekend, we were in the garage sorting and tossing and cleaning it. It has surely become a cluster of random junk! During this process, I found a tall, green & white coffee mug that neither of us remember where it came from. At first it was a TOSS, but then I thought, nah, let me do something St. Patrick-y to it for my IG. (yes, that's how I think now)

Of course I forgot to take a before photo, but here's the after:

I mean it’s a cute mug, but our cup cabinet is so full already!

And a short video:

Super cute, right? And honestly, the mug is a perfect size for hubby's daily coffee. Sure, the words probably gear towards alcoholic beverages, but there may be times when there's something extra poured in the coffee! 

I'm going to start a new series called, Trash to Treasure. Even though I already have an "upcycle" label on the blog, I am adding a "Trash to Treasure" label too.

This was a great project to use scrap vinyl and I have a lot!

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