Saturday, February 23, 2013

I'm Swamped with Swaps!

Well, I found time to relax in the Command Center.  I've joined two more swaps on Splitcoast Stampers and started another one of my own.  I worked on these bottlecap magnets.  I really liked the way they turned out and they were so fast and easy!

I still need to work on the holders which will be can lids.  This is truly a recycled project.  First of all I still have lots of bottlecaps from the beer winnings (woo hoo), the holders are recylced can lids and even the buttons are old buttons that are in a jar.  I did however use a paperpad that I've had for a while now and never used - you know the kind, have to have it right now but of course you forget all about it.  LOL

I also started drifting and made these cute ticket embellishments which encouraged me to start a new swap on Splitcoast Stampers for these:
I love how they turned out.  Another recycled project since these tickets are from old raffle tickets that we never won.  You see, you're always a winner when raffle tickets are involved :).  I have a whole drawer of these and need to do something with them.  They come in such great colors, they are so hard to throw away.

Ok, I'll confess, I'm pretty sure this is called hoarding...but the good kind, right?

If you're a Splitcoast Stamper member and interested in this swap, go here.

Saturday, February 2, 2013


This week has been very stressful as my family and I are taking advantage of every new day we get to spend with my dad.  He was taken to the hospital last Wednesday and has since been released with hospice care.  He has his good days but for the most part, he just sleeps.

As I'm sitting next to him, I know he doesn't always see me or recognize me, but that's ok.  My sisters and I are still taking care of him just as he has our entire lives.  I am so thankful that every time I look at any of my three sons, I see a little bit of my dad in each of them.  Tony has his blue eyes; Derek his crooked smile; and Kevin has his large head.

It's hard seeing him this way as he has always been the strong man in our lives, but we have so many memories that will never be erased.  Dad is ready to go home, and my sisters and I have to be ready to let him go.  My heart is breaking...

My dad passed away on Tuesday, February 5th.  It was a blessing to be at his side when he took his last breath.  It was peaceful and calm but still very heartbreaking and sad.  Rest In Peace Dad!