Monthly Card Kit


Monthly Card Kit Club Details:

Each kit is $15 (+shipping when applicable) and includes everything you need to complete the two cards* of the month. One card - the Featured Card - will be shown at the beginning of each month on IG and FB so you can see the card type and design. We'll make that one together during a Facebook Live Event on the last Tuesday of the month at 7:00 p.m. 

The second card can be completed on your own using what you learned during the event and the instruction sheet also included in the kit. This second card will be the same type of card as the featured card, but with a different theme/colors/etc. Note:  If there is enough time, we can make both cards during the live event.

*all products are included with the exception of standard adhesive and basic tool kit.

If you're like me and have a craft room full of products and don't necessarily need the entire kit, for $5 (+shipping if applicable), you can receive the focal images of both cards AND the instruction sheet.

The sheet will include cutting measurements, scoring information and step-by-step instructions to complete the card type.

In order to prepare the kits and deliver/mail them on time, payment must be received by the order deadline date which is the 15th of the month. I accept Venmo, Zelle, and Paypal.

You can order the kit by leaving a comment on the IG/FB posts or on the FB Event. Most people just type, I'm In!  I'll then reach out to you to complete the order.

If you have any questions, you can email me too at

The cards shown below are the featured cards for the noted months!

May, 2023 (Lattice Fence Card)

April, 2023 (Drapery Fold Card)

  March, 2023 (Floating Accordion Card)

February, 2023 (Z Fold Easel Card)

January, 2023 (Pop Out Swing Card)

November, 2022 (Triangle Pocket Card)

October, 2022 (Angled Gate Fold Card)
 September, 2022 (Double Dutch Door)

August, 2022 (Rocking Card)

 July, 2022 (Birdhouse Shaped)

 June, 2022 (W Fold)

May, 2022 (Wiper Card)

April, 2022 (Square Swing Card)

March, 2022 (Penny Spinner Card)

 February, 2022 (Braided Edge)

January, 2022 (Shaker)
November and December, 2021 were cancelled due to my hand surgery.

 October, 2021 (Floating)

September, 2021 (Starburst)

August, 2021 (Mini Flap)
 July 2021 (Triangle Fold)

 June 2021 (Tunnel Card)

 May 2021 (Step Up Card)

 April 2021 Kick Off Card & Live Event (Half Card)

 March 2021 Introduction Card & Live Event (Easel Card)

Disclaimer: The card types are not licensed by me nor did I create them. I am not claiming ownership of the patterns and/or instructions for the card types. The cards are, however my own design. You are paying for my time, supplies and creativity to design the cards & assemble written instructions for them.

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