Tuesday, September 22, 2015

More Bible Art

This is my contribution to the bible study on Triple the Scraps; Glory Art (see badge on the right).  I used a BIC pen and wrote the verse on the margin and then rubbed my finger in a yellow and pink ink pad and rubbed the page.  I started off rubbing the yellow over the word "Lord" and then added pink.  The white accents are with a white Signa pen.  The blue in the arrow is a smudgy Soft Sky ink pad.

Here it is before I decided to add color:

The main thing I learned from this lesson that even when you think you are being humble by "talking yourself down" you're still thinking of YOU versus God.  Humbling yourself before the Lord is to keep Him on your mind first and not you.  I never really thought of being humble in that way.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My God...

Is forgiving...He answers me...He is great and marvelous...and I will praise Him.

As I mentioned before, when I read my bible, most times I say a prayer, open it and then read what passage God has for me at that moment.  This time it was Psalms 86.

I just drew circles using watercolor pencils, watered them down and accented with a white pen.  And added a strip of washi tape on the edge.  A very simple way to highlight key phrases.

I know this may sound silly, but I love the idea of making art in my bible.  Not only am I reading it more, but I am really studying to select highlights of the verses.  Mostly for art purposes, but really studying word by word.  Lord, you know me so well.  You know that this technique will bring me closer to Your word.  Whew!  Powerful!

Monday, September 14, 2015

November Flower of the Month

This month's Lila Grey Stamps Flower of the Month is the chrysanthemum.  I noticed that my other flowers are peeking out from the side, so I decided to print this digital stamp more in the center of the page.  While I was working on my piece, I used another piece of cardstock for my "clean off" sheet.  Well, I actually liked how it was turning out so I decided to make two pieces this month.

I always start my pieces with four colors in mind.  I knew I wanted a Fall look so I chose these colors:
ORANGE (Tangerine Tango)
GREEN (Sage Shadow, Mellow Moss, Certainly Celery)
PURPLE (Blackberry Bliss)
GOLD (Miners Nugget Radiant Pearls Paint)
and of course BLACK and WHITE.

I chose three shades of green because I was originally thinking I'd do a ombre effect.  Nope.  LOL 

Step 1:  Mask flower.  Stamp the three different green pads directly onto page and over the flower image.
Step 2:  Reverse the mask and sponge in the flower using the orange ink and stamp a script stamp with the same orange color for a tone-on-tone look.
Step 3:  Fill in edges of the page by sponging on purple ink.
Step 4:  Tone down the purple ink by using white acrylic paint and the script stamp around page
Step 5:  Use punchinella stencil to add gold pearl paint around page.
Step 6:  Add random splotches, marks, etc. until complete.
Step 7:  Use black ink to add splatter and other stamped images (POSTCARD gifted from Rubber Paws & postage stamp and postage cancellation stamp from Maine stamp set Lila Grey Stamps).

As I'm cleaning off my sponges and other tools, I am creating another piece on the side.  I decided to add harlequins using the Sage Shadow ink to the left.  Since I used the Tangerine Tango within the piece, I didn't want the chrysanthemum to also be orange so I used my Honey stamp pad (CTMH).  I don't know if the green was on my sponge or on the pad, but the ink was a greenish color.  At first I gasped and then realized I loved it!  To make the flower stand out, I stamped some tiny dots within the flower and shaded around the edges.

Which do you like better?

Media used on both:
SU! and CTMH Stamp Pads
Acrylic Paints
Radiant Pearls Paint
Ink Sprays
Charcoal Pencil
Washi Tape

Organizing My Chaos

My container that holds my mixed media supplies looks like this:

How do I find anything, you ask???  Well, it takes me forever...

So before starting another project, I dumped everything out and put things in better order.  This is what it looks like now:

I placed two shoeboxes in the container and tried to place like items in the same box.  The pink pencil box holds pencils, pens, straws and toothbrush, etc.  Stencils are slid behind the last shoebox.  It looks good now, let's see if I can keep it semi-organized from now on.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crazy in Love

I spent a lot of time in the Command Center and I'm ready to share lots and lots of projects.  I checked my favorite challenge sites, Off the Rail Scrapbooking and Try it on Tuesday for some inspiration.  I was excited to combine both these challenges.  There's a mood board on Off the Rail Scrapbooking.

 Try it on Tuesday's challenge is to try something new.  I've been wanting to create a mix media collage using shades of gray on the background.  So, I did it!  And I love it!  Since the mood board included only one color, red, I stayed within the challenges.

I tried making a video of the process, but I swear I just cannot figure out how to make a clean video.  I think I need to break down and actually purchase an app, I was just hoping to be able to do something cool with a free one.

So, instead of a video, here's a photo of the final project.

I used acrylic paint for the background (shades of gray, black and white), red watercolor paint, assorted markers, old book pages, stencils, black ink, doily, paper scraps and cardboard letters.

Off the Rail Scrapbooking
Try it On Tuesday

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Sew Retro and Sew Cute

I have been in the Command Center but am not quite finished with my project.  In the meantime, Carly decided she wanted to make some aprons for her work.  No, she's not a cook or baker, but she does work yard duty at one of our local elementary schools.  They have fanny packs for all the aides, but she refuses to wear one because they are ugly!  So, off we went to Joanne's Fabrics.

Here's one:

She's got it all fanned out but it wraps around her.  Sew retro and sew cute!  It took about 2 hours to complete everything.  She has two more to make and we're hoping to work on them this weekend.