Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas and More

I just love Christmas especially when the decorations are up and the tiny sparkling lights are all lit up.  I usually like to add at least one handmade decoration each year.  Carly and I went to the thrift shop in town hunting for something cool to upcycle.  I found a tennis racket.  It was $1 so just the right price.  They also had lots of greenery and bits and pieces of glittered poinsettia, plastic snowflakes and bits and pieces of ribbons.  So..out comes the handy dandy glue gun and I just started layering things together.  I researched pinterest on how to tie a bow and I thought I had it right the first time, but it just did not turn out well.  So, I really read the instructions and then tried again.  Guess what?  It actually helps to read all the directions!  LOL

I'll post a photo soon.  I just keep forgetting until it's late and I know the photo will turn out best in light.

Tony has brought home lots of scrap pieces of wood from a long time ago and I'm eager to paint a sign with one of the longer pieces.  It's December 23rd, so part of me thinks, it's too late, but then another part of me says, "go for it"!

One more half day left...maybe!

Merry, merry Christmas to you and yours!

Friday, December 12, 2014

My Funny Instructions

I had to post this photo because I thought it was pretty hilarious!  So, I made these penguin candy wrappers and jotted down the instructions.  I received a special order to make more so I pulled out this sheet to make more.  When I looked at it for the second time, I thought to myself...how do I actually figure out how to make these again!  Look below and you'll see how hilarious this is...


Holiday Boutique Goodies

More photos from the Tracy High School Holiday Boutique

One woman who purchased a few of these cuties said she was mailing them to New Zealand to a friend.  How awesome is that?  My stuff out in New Zealand!

Hey, that's me!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Holiday Success!

I really should have my daughter take photos more often.  I know I'm a bad photographer, but does she have to be so good? 

Here are some photos of our last boutique.  When we know we only have one table, we try to get creative in our vertical displays.  And we only put out a small amount of stock of same items. 

This boutique was well attended and we had a steady flow of customers.  As always, we have tons of fun with each other and talking to others.  Although I was a little disappointed with the other vendors, I still managed to spend some money.  I bought myself a scarf and there was an incredible artist behind us who sketched her own images on cards.  I bought an elephant which I plan to frame and Carly bought a gnome holding a balloon.  Once I frame it, I'll post a photo.  I grabbed her business card but it's not with me right now.  I'll hook you up with her info later.  There was only one person at her table, but she's part of a mother-daughter team (she was mom).  I love that!  In fact, there was another mother-daughter team across from us.  They were Stampin' Up demonstrators and sold many, many cards.  Very nice!

The gal next to us made her own jewelry.  Very nice too!  If you're in the market, here's her info:
www.jealousyjewels.com or www.jealousyjewels.etsy.com.

Ok...now for those photos:

I'm having issues with the photos so there are only three for now.  For those who notice my vintage Christmas tablecloth, they came from a yard sale from my parents' neighbor.  When the wife passed away, husband had a big yard sale.  I really should have bought more she had lots of cool vintage Christmas items.  Sometimes you don't know what you need until it's too late.