Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Twenty Five Years Later

Kenny and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary and I swear it feels like the ceremony was yesterday.  I remember how my Maid of Honor, Karen and I spent the night with my sister Caroline the night before and that Karen was more nervous than I was to walk down the aisle.  I remember that the weather forecast said wet and windy and YES, it was very windy, but it did not rain at all.  Thank goodness my hair was very short back then.  I remember how handsome my baby Tony looked in his tuxedo and how cool dad looked with his dark hair and mustache - still a youngster.  I remember the camera flashes as Kenny and I walked down the aisle after the ceremony and how my grandma Weatherby was one of the first people to congratulate us as we walked out of the church.  I remember how fun it was to ride in the limo with both Karen, and Mike, our Best Man.  We drank champagne and honked at everyone on our way to the reception hall.  I remember all the drama with Sharon and her ex-boyfriend at the time.  I remember how a woman I didn't know, was so drunk in the bathroom that she asked if I was the bride - LOL - hello...I'm not wearing a veil and wedding dress for the heck of it!  I remember that we couldn't think of a song for our first dance, but when the DJ started playing, Reason by Earth Wind and Fire, we knew it was the right choice.  Kenny was so handsome in his tuxedo with or without that stupid boutonniere that kept falling off his coat.  My mom kept trying to fix it and eventually gave up.  The chicken mole, enchiladas, rice, beans, etc were so good.  All of my new aunts and cousins really outdid themselves with the homemade Mexican food.  We celebrated all night long with all our friends and family and were so exhausted the next day.  25 years...man...where has the time gone?

Craft Fair Photos

This Holiday Boutique I couldn't sell any paper goods since there was a similar vendor, but I managed to do some sewing and make homemade salsa.  That was the first time I tried to sell salsa and I have to say, I did pretty good.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go and I didn't want to come home with tons of salsa so I didn't make a lot.  Here's a photo of my table:

Thursday, December 15, 2011

I Found Photos!

I forgot my baby sis sent me photos of Jori and her stocking stuffers.  I made the snowman tags and sent the tags with the 1x8 bags (LOVE these bags!!!) and they stuffed them with Skittles.  I did mine with m&m's but you just can't go wrong with these bags.
Isn't Jori so cute with the feather in her hair?

Happy Holidays!

The holidays continue and I'm busy, busy, busy.  I need to get better about taking pictures and then downloading them into my computer so I can post here.  After all the Holiday Boutiques I participated in, I ended up with three custom orders.  One for 25 tea bag holders (of course I didn't take a photo of these); one for 24 candy strips (my niece Jori is a lucky girl) and one for two "stylish and hip" aprons.  Again, I forgot to take a photo of the aprons.  I have more fabric so I'm hoping to make more.  Once you see them, you'll love them.  My friend's daughter is a teacher and wanted an apron to wear while walking around her classroom.  The daughter is 25-26 years old and didn't want to old fashion kitchen aprons that I was already selling so I came up with these hip ones.  I'll ask my friend to take a photo and try to post later or I'll end up making my own.  Always have to be cute and stylish...right?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

All Star Diaper Cake Photo

I forgot to mention, that I was planning on putting the wipes in a separate bag then realized the lid matched the color theme.  So I decided to include it in the "cake"

Now imagine how cute it was all wrapped up in clear cellophane and a teal ribbon...  Love It!

Diaper Cake

We were invited to a baby shower for a good friend's niece and after looking up the baby register, I noticed there wasn't really a theme for the baby, just a lot of boy themed items.  So, I took that as a license to be creative...  At first I grabbed my supplies for baby boy, which pretty much meant a lot of baby blue.  At first I went with baby blue, brown and yellow theme and was going to decorate the diaper cake with generic baby items a boat or two, something like that.  I don't know what possessed me, but I completely changed my mind and grabbed some bright blue and teal colored paper and thought "All Star".  So grabbing some coordinating paper, my new Stampin' Up! pennant punch and some purchased stuffed football, baseball and basketball, I created my diaper cake.  When we arrived at the shower, we were thrilled to see that the color theme of the shower was Bright Blue and Teal!  What were the odds of that?!?  So, since this is the way I roll, I moved things around on the food table and plopped the diaper cake there as if it was party of the decorations.  HA HA HA  It looked so good!  Here are some photos that Carly took before we left for the shower.  I wish we would have taken some at the shower..

A Few More


More Photos

I'm having a hard time posting more than two photos.  Maybe the files are too large???
Here are more photos...

Craft Faire Samples

Here are some photos of some of our items for sale:

Season for Holiday Boutiques

I've been so busy making items for Holiday Boutiques.  Here are some photos of our set ups.  Today was the final one and I'm so happy!

This is the first at Arroyo Seco Elementary School in Livermore, CA.  Jori's school.  This was a two hour event.  Not too bad...  Second photo is at St. Matthew's in Ceres, CA.  My good friend, Nora invited us to have a table there.