Friday, October 30, 2020

TGIF; Thankful Friday #151

 Happy Friday and happy Thankful Friday #151! Earlier this week I wasn’t feeling well and of course my first thought is “do I have COVID?” Thankfully, no, I didn’t have COVID. My allergies were acting up.

We’re being safe and careful about The Who, what, and where we’re going and spending our time with. It’s always good to be safe than sorry. 

I’m thankful that none of my immediate family members have been affected by the COVID illness. I hope that you and yours are the same.

Let me know what you’re thankful for this week by leaving a comment.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Junk Journal Flip Through; Cover/Spine/Binding

It's not really a flip through, but I am showing off the cover of my Junk Journal and how I bound the signatures. This is the final video showing off my first Junk Journal.

You can check out my YouTube video below:

If you want to see more posts & videos of the journal, click on the Junk Journal label to the right.

I hope you enjoyed this series. Please send me an email if you'd like some "junk" goodies. I'll be happy to share some of my painted papers and "junk" collection. You can find my email address under the Contact Me tab on the home page. 

I know plenty of people who argue what is truly a Junk Journal, I don't have time for that. I call mine a junk journal because the items I am using would have been thrown away if they weren't in this journal. I use mine as an art journal, a way to try out products/techniques, a scrapbook and even an actual journal. It is for me so it is what I want it to be and to me it's perfect.

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Thanks for watching!

WOYWW #595

 Happy Hump Day! The weather is changing and I love the fresh fall cool air! Today I’m sharing my desk top for the WOYWW linkage. Click HERE to read all about it!

My desk is a mess! I grabbed some items to show for a video with some Junk Journal “junk” and didn’t clear the area.

I’ll have to clean it off before tonight since I’ll be working on some Halloween costumes. I took a photo too of my new shoes. I’ve wanted cheetah print flats for so long, I finally found some!
It’s gonna be a good day! Hop on over to Stamping Ground and check out the other desks! And come back later this afternoon to see the final flip through of my Junk Journal.

Monday, October 26, 2020

BBTB2;Sport Challenge

Hi there, it’s my turn to host the two week challenge at the Bitten By The Bug 2 (BBTB2) challenge site. I chose the challenge theme...sports. We’re a big sports family and were so excited when professional sports returned. Sure, there aren’t many fans at the games, but we still get to enjoy all the games from the comfort of our family room.

So whether you’re routing for a professional team, your own All Star or out there on the field, I’m sure you can come up with a sports themed project. Check out the YouTube video I posted:

We’re big San Francisco 49er fans and I created this t-shirt at my daughter’s request. It was actually really easy. 

Here are the written instructions:

Choose your word and font in Design Space. I used Superstar. Color and size the word to your liking. I chose 3” because it was a measurement that could easily be cut in half (you'll see why in the next step).

Then duplicate it. Change the color of this duplicate copy. It’s now RED. Add a square shape and unlock the bottom left padlock so you can drag this to a rectangle. The rectangle needs to be the same length as the word and half the height of the image.

Cover the top half of the RED word, select both the base word & the rectangle and slice. By slicing you now have a top and bottom portion of the word. 

Duplicate the top and move both above the whole word. Once you determine the location, group the two top halves together. Repeat for the two bottoms. That’s it!

Be sure you mirror the images before you cut since we’re using HTV.

I had to use Sport Flex HTV because of the spandex tank. I pressed the red vinyl first and then completed the tank top by adding the gold vinyl in the middle.

Now it's your turn...create a sports themed project using your Cricut and link it to the BBTB2 challenge site. Be sure to let us know how you used your Cricut.

Friday, October 23, 2020

TGIF; Thankful Friday #150

 TGIF!  This week I’m thankful for my oldest granddaughter. She’s been “gently” reminding me to post more YouTube videos so I have AND guess what? I have over 100 subscribers now! I know it’s not much if you compare to others, but I’m stoked!  LOL

So click on over to YouTube and hit that subscribe button!

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Junk Journal Flip Through #6

I’m having so much fun flipping through these Junk Journal signatures. I’m a little sad that this is the last one. I hope you’ve been enjoying them as much as I have been.  Next Wednesday, I will discuss how I made the cover, how I bound the signatures to the cover and then I’ll give you some ideas to start your own.

If you have any questions or comments, please let them below.

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WOYWW #594

 Yay, Wednesday! Hump Day and WOYWW! Click on over to Stamping Ground to read more about this weekly linkage and when you’re there, say hello to other deskers!

My desk this week:

It looks a lot like it did last week. I’m busy, but I’m also trying to clear as I go. You know there’s always a spot where piles accumulate, but as long as I have space to create, I’m good.

Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Card Goal 2020; Weeks 36 - 42

Still going strong on my 2020 goal to CONNECT with more friends and family by sending a handmade card each week.

Cards sent during this group:
Week 36:  Birthday card for my sister
Week 37:  Two Thank You cards for coworkers
Week 38:  Birthday card for a longtime friend
Week 39:  Birthday card for my DIL3
Week 40:  Birthday card for hubby
Week 41:  Birthday card for my sister & two FB birthday card requests
Week 42:  Birthday card for my uncle

Let me know if you'd like a handmade card mailed to you. See my email address under the Contact Me tab on the home page.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Junk Journal Flip Through #5

Wow, I'm almost done with the flip throughs. Each Wednesday for the last few weeks, I've created a YouTube video showing off the signatures in my Junk Journal. I've received lots of comments and new subscribers to my YouTube channel - thank you!

I am trying to load more videos so my granddaughter will be happy. LOL She said I need to post more and what she wants, she gets.

The video:

Many of the pages in my Junk Journal, I have created videos, so please click on the Junk Journal, Mixed Media and/or Instruction Videos labels to the right to view more. Or if you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you can see the index of videos over there.

If you have any questions/comments or want more information on products, etc let me know.

WOYWW #593

Happy Wednesday! Another fabulous fall day here in Central CA. Today I'm sharing my desk as part of the weekly linkage at Stamping Ground. Click on over to see more desks!


I finished those two cards on the top left last night and am mailing them today. One of the FB groups that I belong to asked for cards for her nephew & niece. I figured, why not? I love that mama and baby kangaroo. Both cards were made using my Cricut.

Otherwise a pretty clear desk!

See ya next week!

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

JJ Pages; New Additions

The great thing about these YouTube flip through videos is that I am realizing how many "blank" pages I still need to complete.

(I've posted a new video every Wednesday on my YouTube channel for the past four weeks. Each video is a flip through of one signature - there's six total. Go to my YouTube channel HERE or click on the Instructional Video label to the right for the blog posts.)

I still have two more signatures to go and then the final video will show how I created the cover, bound the signatures and give some tips and techniques on creating your own! I'm really passionate about these Junk Journals!

I've been taking advantage of free on-line classes from so many different artists, blogs and websites. I realize that even though many start with new techniques for me to try, they all kind of come back to my own style. I guess I do have a style. All this time I thought I was the great emulator. LOL

Here are a few pages I completed in Signature One (before and after photos):

If you're following the videos, you'll see the "blanks" when I do the flip through. Be sure to come back on Wednesday to see the new video. Click the SUBSCRIBE button on YouTube and hit the bell to be notified of any new videos. Thanks!

Monday, October 12, 2020

BBTB2: Feels Like Fall

The newest challenge theme at Bitten By The Bug 2 (BBTB2) is Feels Like Fall. I created my own SVG by combining an image that I bought at Etsy along with others from Design Space.

I've heard of Post Malone and can say I know a song or two but that's about it. DS3 & DIL like his music so of course my granddaughter likes his music too. I purchased the Post Malone SVG from CloverwoodShoppe in Etsy. Originally I purchased the image to put on a cup. Nope! This image has so many small cuts that it was crazy hard to weed. 

One of his popular songs is "Sunflower"...that's where I got the idea to make this shirt. And since sunflowers are dominate in Fall bouquets, it fit the theme.

(my daughter helped me with this mock up!)

I did remove some of the small detailed lines here & there on his face and hair - it is truly a very detailed cut. I created a rectangle from the square shape to slice his face in half. I did the same thing with the sunflower (and daisy *see below).

Then I created the text with Be Free Cricut font. Created another rectangle the same width of the image and sliced the text from it. All three pieces were welded together to create the final image.

*Now, if you're a regular follower of mine, you know my other granddaughter's name is Daisy. I decided to make one for her too with a few changes. First change is to use a daisy instead of a sunflower and have "daisy" cross out "sunflower".
I pressed too long when adhering the yellow layer and it melted some of the vinyl. The left side of this image took me forever to weed and there was NO WAY I was not going to use the image. I had to recut the yellow number one & four petals and repress. You can't even tell!

My granddaughters...a couple of cool chicks!

Now it's your up your Cricut project using the current theme of Feels Like Fall on the Bitten By The Bug 2 blog (BBTB2).

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Junk Journal Page; Decided To Trust Her Heart

Now that I've been filming & flipping through my Junk Journal signatures, I noticed I had lots of "blank" pages to complete. The JJ is my go to spot whenever I want to try something new. I signed up for free Life Book Taster sessions through Willowing Arts. I really need to sign up for the actual course because these tasters are SWEET. 

When I first glanced, the artists providing lessons look like they are all portrait artists - I cannot draw/paint/create a portrait to save my life, but these lessons are fabulous!

I've only completed a few so far and I'll share them soon.

Of course I forgot to snap a photo of how this page began, but it was pretty much a blank white page located in the 3rd signature (Third Signature Flip Thru HERE) with the exception of the piece adhered to the middle left side and tab.

This lesson was led by Toni Burt.

(Copy of my original art)

Final piece:
Look...I know it's not great, but you know what? I'm pretty happy on how it turned out. It actually looks like a person! LOL 

Watercolor Paints
White Acrylic Paint
White Posca Pen
Gold Liquid Ink
Black Fine Point Sharpie
Stabilo Pencil
Decorative Paper (I used a copy of my original art - see above)
Printed Words

Friday, October 9, 2020

TGIF; Thankful Friday #149

Hey, this is a perfect week number for what I'm thankful for this week. I'm thankful that my daughter, Carly and I decided to join the 49 in 49 Challenge. It's a virtual fitness challenge to walk/run/roll at least 49 miles in 49 days. Yes, it's run by the 49ers and the Golden Heart Fund

I needed something to light a spark in me and this was it. I'm walking on the treadmill and from work to home and pushing myself each day.

It feels good to be active. This goes through November 8th.

What are you thankful for this week? Leave me a comment, I'd love to hear all about it!

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Junk Journal YouTube Flip Thru #4

I don't know why this signature took a little longer to flip through, but it's an added minute or so from the previous flip throughs. I guess I had a lot to say!

I hope you are enjoying the flip through of my Junk Journal. It's been nice to go through too to see how many "blank" pages there still are.


Here's a photo of the Simply Beautiful note card I talked about:

I love this piece. It's so quirky and so pretty.

If you have any questions, leave a comment and if you're not already, consider subscribing to my YouTube channel.

WOYWW #592

Happy Wednesday. I had a long week last week and as I type this post, I realize why...I didn't participate in the WOYWW linkage! What is the WOYWW linkage? Click HERE to read all about it.

My desk this Wednesday:

I actually cleared it a little because I was using my laptop last night. I've been using my Cricut a lot and trying to make YouTube videos too.

Be sure to come back later and check out my newest Junk Journal flip. I'm almost done with the series.

Have a fabulous week!

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Bash Your Stash; Stamps (Other Holidays)

Hello! I skipped a drawer and decided to tackle the "Other Holidays" stamps (which is any holiday other than Christmas). I know I'm keeping the "Background" stamps but I do need to keep track of what I have.

The first thing I did was separate the stamps by holiday. I didn't realize I have a lot of Halloween stamps for someone who doesn't send out cards for this holiday. SMH...they are super cute though. I also have a lot of Easter stamps. Who knew?

I removed the stamps I'm sure I won't used - which is how I start thinning out each drawer. Then started my projects. It's really hard to create holiday projects when the particular holiday is not here. But I did manage to make a few Halloween cards since I do plan on sending some this year:

I notice that cards are my "go to", but I do plan on making gift tags/cards for Christmas (I've been doing a 12 Days of Christmas Gift Tags for a few years now - click over to the label on the right to see these!) And I may do Thanksgiving cards since we won't be gathering this year.

Remember, if you are interested in receiving a handmade card from me, please send me an email or leave a comment below. My card box is starting to fill up again! Or if you are searching for particular stamps, I can send photos of what I'm putting in my giveaway pile.

If you're interested in seeing other projects I completed while bashing my stash, click on the Bash Your Stash label to the right.

Friday, October 2, 2020

TGIF; Thankful Friday #148

TGIF! This has been a long week. Can I be thankful that the work week is over? Yup, that's what I'm thankful for this week, that it's almost over.

How about you? Are you glad the week is over? What do you have to be thankful for this week? Leave me a comment and share.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Love To Scrap Challenge Blog; Fall Back

October 1st! Can you believe we are now entering the holiday season? It’s nuts! The challenge theme this month on the Love To Scrap Challenge Blog (LTSCB) is Fall Back.

I decided to work in my Junk Journal and created this two page spread:

The sheet below is a copy of a mop up sheet that I had made years ago. I like to take photos of colorful pieces that I make and make copies of them to use on future projects. I have a container of these originals and copies. I stamped the leaves/pumpkins/acorns directly on the sheet and fussy cut them out.

Originally, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the cut pieces so I decided to flip through my Junk Journal. I saw these pages and felt it would be a great backdrop for them. The spread started like this:

I used a glue stick to adhere the leaves/pumpkins/acorns around the page. I stamped the leaves around the two page spread to fill in some spots. I also stamped and embellished the sentiment using a gold Wink of Stella pen. I used the pen to add swishes around the circles too. Hey, a little bit of sparkle always looks good!

I used a white & black pen to add some marks on the circles. I also gathered an orange, green, and two shades of brown ink pads to add color here and there. I found these brushes at my local Dollar Tree and they worked great! They only had these small sizes so I may need to purchase larger brushes elsewhere.

Be sure to click on over to the LTSCB challenge site and link up your Fall inspired projects! 

Love To Craft Challenge Blog; October Anything Goes

The challenge theme at the Love To Craft Challenge Blog (LTCCB) as always is...Anything Goes. We love to craft, that's our thing. We love to craft all things! Now's the chance to show off what you have made.

For the month of October, I'm showing off these cards I made with speech bubble stamps.

Don't you love the bright colors? I've used these stamps before but never with a black background. I love how much they pop and the added rainbow assortment of enamel dots and splatter just make these extra fun!

I used my MISTI to stamp them to make them a really, really dark solid color. I also added some white w/black washi tapes. Each card panel is adhered to the card base with 3D adhesive.

Your your handcrafted project...anything goes...and any type of hand crafted project goes. Click over to the LTCCB before the end of the month.