Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Graduation Gifts

Graduation is over and I finally had a chance to download some photos of the cookie/cake pop bouquets I made for Carly's friends.  They turned out so cute.  I didn't want to go out and buy containers for all them so I recycled some empty spaghetti sauce jars that my sis gave me over a year ago.  I came across by accident on the internet where someone poured acrylic paint and swirled it around a glass vase to add color.  I thought this would be perfect for these "vases".  So I used what little red paint I had left and slowly swirled it around 4 jars to make them.  The tags were made with some patterned paper and cricut cut outs.  Easy!

Hope you like...

Friday, June 17, 2011

Upcoming Events

I love being busy but sometimes it's just ridiculous!  LOL

Here's my calendar so far:
June 2nd:  C's graduation
June 3-5:  Apricot Fiesta (our town celebration)
June 11:  C's graduation party
June 18:  Joe & Amanda's wedding
June 19:  Father's Day
June 25:  Scrapbooking All Day Crop (woo hoo!) & Dwayne's Birthday - don't forget to send card
June 30:  Secret Pal Reveal at work
July 4:  Hmmm...4th of July
July 9:  Serina's Baby Shower
July 31:  Volunteer (or Attend) the Think and Die Thinking Music Festival

Luckily, I've already made the baby blanket for the upcoming baby shower.  Graduation was full of projects, which I will post later.  I'm not making anything for the wedding (at least not preplanned - that can always change) and only cards for Father's Day and D's 15th birthday.

Somewhere in there is our puppy, Gracie's 1st birthday.

My Coworker's Son's Blog

Hey there, I'm busy as usual making things.  Instead of posting some photos.  I wanted to share a blog that my friend/coworker's son has.  He is making a trek "North" from the Bay Area to Seattle choosing to live homeless in order to collect donations for Japan and also to help him find the meaning of life.  She sent the link to me and I read the first post not sure what to expect, but I have to tell you, it's addicting.  He's an incredible writer that's truly writing from the heart and his experiences.  He's on Day 8.  I seriously see a movie or book deal after he's done. 

Here's the link:

If nothing else, pray for his safety.  I know his mother would appreciate it.