Friday, July 29, 2016

Some Kind of Love

I mentioned earlier about my designs on clothing pieces.  I received my first order over the weekend.  Here's a photo of me wearing the Some Kind of Love t-shirt.  I love it!  I love the style and fit of the boyfriend knit t-shirt and of course LOVE the design!

I invite you all to take a peek at the collection and if you like something, purchase one or two for yourself or for a gift.  Click below to go directly to my collection.
Once I get the other pieces, I'll model those as well.
Peace Out, y'all!

Summer Reading Marathon Update

We're getting closer to the last couple of weeks for the Summer Reading Marathon going on in my household.  I'm a couple chapters into Book #17 and Carly just completed Book #17.  I'm closing in on her!
We're heading to the library today to get our next pile of books!
I have always LOVED going to the library especially in the summer when they have all sorts of fun activities for all ages.

So how can you not check out a blue book with this clever display!  The blue book I selected is Twenty Eight and a Half Wishes by Denise Grover Swank.  A very good summer read with a little bit of everything...romance, comedy, and suspense.  I liked it!  It looks like there is a series of books based on the main character.  I will definitely continue to read more about her. 

*Even Derek is getting into the fun of Summer Reading Marathon.  He finished one book and is on his second.  It's always just been me and Carly since she was six years old (she's 23 now).

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

ICAD #18-21; Week Three - DONE

Week Three down and I'm still going strong.  I figured if I can do these index cards each day in the midst of my crazy schedule these past couple of weeks, the next few weeks are gonna be a breeze!

Prompt #18:
One of my favorite colors!  I directly stamped the Only Orange ink pad onto the card.  Then I used orange paint and white correction pen to add details in the back.  I fussy cut the Lila Grey digi stamp daisies.  Colored it with white acrylic paint and orange in the center.  I love this sentiment stamp from SU!.

Prompt #19:
I had a bunch of punched snowflakes on my desk so I glued them down.  Once the glue dried, I covered the card with blue glimmer mist, stamped snowflakes in silver ink and added white paint spray.  I wanted to add a quote/sentiment, but nothing popped in my head.  I may add something later.

Prompt #20:
I love those photos of sophisticated ladies with sarcastic/raunchy sayings and since I cut these silhouettes awhile ago, I thought I'd do the same.  The background is a piece of patterned flower paper that I sanded to remove some color and then used a homemade circle stencil and added white acrylic paint.  I used a black watercolor marker to draw circles around these white circles.  Sprayed with water to have it run.  Once that dried, I added some gelatos here and there.  I love how the background turned out.  The bubble quote is a stamp that I received from Rubber Paws and have never used.  I think this card is so fun!

Prompt #21:
Our own
UGH!  At first I was going to do "doodling" as my prompt so I grabbed an index card that I've been using as a brush off piece and doodled rows of little circles to cover the card.  Then I didn't like it so I smeared white acrylic paint all over it.  After that, I stamped a retro stamp background to cover the card completely.  It needed more color so I stamped Tempting Teal ink pad directly to it and then added some re-inker drops and let the colors blend together.  It looked a little like spray paint and then realized I LOVED the look.  So, now what?!  I decided to handwrite the word a black Sharpie.

To see more of my ICAD contributions, click on the ICAD label to the right.  To learn more about the challenge, go to to read all about it and how you can get started.  You can also check Pinterest.  Many people have shared their creations there.

I was thinking the other day, what am I going to do with these once the challenge is over?  Some I think I will make into postcards/cards; others I may frame individually or in sets.  I have an old frame that will probably fit at least 20 of these.  It may be fun to make a quilt-like display out of them.  Either way, I'll keep you posted.  It'll be hard to pick my favs when doing a framed project.

I'm excited to see what Week Four prompts will be!

Cricut Cartridge:  Suburbia
Digi Stamp:  Lila Grey April Flower of the Month
To read more about Rubber Paws, click here
NOTE:  So I realized that I stopped doing the ICADs a couple of days as we were doing final prep for the party we hosted last Saturday.  So instead of going back and trying to catch up, I'm going to start Week Four, Prompt# 22 today.  I'm not giving up...this is too much fun!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Engagement Party

WARNING!  This is going to be a long, picture-heavy post:

We just hosted an engagement party for our son and future daughter-in-law.  They are getting married in Las Vegas next year so the theme was based on that.  Red, white, black and gold and all things casino.

The wedding will be at an all inclusive place which includes decorations, centerpieces, etc.  You know I live for these types of things, so I was given the "go ahead" to go crazy for this party.  AND THAT I DID! 
We had so much fun!  It hit triple digit temps on Saturday but we still had a blast!  Lots of fun and laughter!


Table Centerpieces:

At first glance, this looks a bad, but it's the ring finger...she's showing off the ring!


Canopy Decorations:

Candy Buffet:

Her cousin made these beautiful cookies!

Random photos:

Grandma & most of the grandkids (GODAs).  Richard is on tour in Europe.
The future Wedding Party

Engaged Couple!

I really wish we had one of those beautiful landscaped backyards, but that is so not true.  So we did the best we could with what we have.  We went out and bought two new canopies, outdoor carpets, and lots of potted flowers/plants.  I'll try not to kill them.

We hired the taco cart for the main dish and the moms made the side dishes.  Me, the salads and fruit trays and future mother-in-law made the rice, beans, chips/salsa.  The brothers pitched in to buy the alcohol and sister helped with the decorations and games.

More photos:

I had a lot of inspiration from pinterest, youtube, and other blogs but then put my own twist on them. 

Cricut Cartridges Used:
Tie the Knot ("Vegas" and "Love")
Mini Monograms (poker chips)
Indie Art (card suits, "Lucky", dice, banner)
Nifty Fifties (cherries)
Plantin Schoolbook (BAR using end caps)

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


Boy, this week is coming up fast!  This is the final week before the Engagement Party (this Saturday) so I'm just finishing projects for the party.  Mostly cleaning...boring stuff!

Here's a snapshot of my work desk:
I just finished punching pennants for the small banner for the cake.

Here are shots of my room:
Some of these items you've seen before.
This container holds some of the big flowers, rosettes, banners, candy buffet bags, candy dishes, and some smaller fill-in flowers.
This boxtop contains all 10 of the table centerpieces.
More flowers!
And finally the buckets that I decorated.  Ok, really I just designed and printed labels for them. I love these!  We need containers to hold the tortilla chips since there will be chips n' salsa on the tables.  When I saw these plastic buckets, right away I thought of those buckets casinos used to give out to hold your coins when you hit the jackpot...remember those?  Ok, probably showing my age on that one, but anyhow, I about squealed!  So I bought red, black, white and gold ones and adhered these "chips" (get it...double meaning!  LOL) stickers.  LOVE!!

Stuff everywhere!  I can't wait until they are in place and ready for the party.  Don't worry, I'll take tons of photos and definitely do a post on the party!

Join other WOYWW by going to Stamping Ground website.  She's the original host and has come back from medical leave.  Welcome back Julia!  Glad to finally "meet" you.  Check out other work desks/craft rooms from around the world and leave a little love.  Happy HUMP day!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week Three; ICAD #15, 16, and 17

So far I'm loving the prompts this week!

Prompt #15
Ok, I'll admit it, I really don't know how to draw.  I love hand drawn flowers but just can't do it.  After applying gesso to the index card, I added random watercolored circles of yellow, orange, red and purple.  Then I drew in green stems and leaves at the bottom and around the "flowers".  Once all those dried, I added blue in the open areas.  Then I used various pens to outline the different flowers.  I spritzed the card with a little bit of water to help the colors/paint blend into each other.  (If you like this piece, check out this LINK to purchase a blouse with this design.  My designs are for sale at VIDA.)
Close up:

Prompt #16
I've wanted to draw these type of flowers for awhile and I thought they would make a great wallpaper so I did it.  I love how it turned out!  I used watercolor pens to color in the  flowers and once the flowers were done, I drew the blue pen on my craft mat and added water.

Prompt #17
This one started as a little hilltop, blue sky & green grass.  Then I added the stamped's a little boring, but it's a landscape.  Then I got this great idea to draw and attach toes as if someone is sitting back, legs stretched and gazing at the beautiful landscape.  I thought it was hilarious!!

It's not too late to join in the Index Card A Day challenge.  It goes on for 61 days originally to start on June 1st and go through July, but technically you can start anytime (which is what I did).
Click HERE to get more details. 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Hollyhock Seed Envelopes

I just made these cute envelopes for the seeds I plucked from my dried hollyhock stalks.

The hollyhock stamp is a two-part stamp from SU!  Ink was also from SU!
Washi tape
Yellow thread
Bright green cardstock from a SEI paper pad; black & white from scraps
Just Because Cricut cartridge for the envelopes
I also embossed the envies using dots and honeycomb from SU!

I posted a photo of the stamping in an earlier blog post and offered a seed packet to anyone who asked.  The offer still holds if you want to leave your email address in the comments.  I will email you for your mailing address.

See THIS post to read the story behind the hollyhock seeds.

I'm entering this on the Decorate to Celebrate challenge site since these make great party favors and gifts.

NOTE:  I just gave a packet to my friend and coworker for her birthday.  She loved it!

Friday, July 15, 2016

VIDA Shop/Collection

I'm excited to tell everyone I know about my newest endeavor.  I was invited to share some of my original art to make into designer clothing.  WHAT?!  Yup, I said the same thing.  So I checked out the company and found that it really is legit.  So...after looking at all the legal stuff, I decided to do it.  

I'm thrilled to share with you the latest collection on VIDA designed by little ol' me.  I just placed an order myself so pretty soon when someone asks, "Who are you wearing?", I'll say, "ME".  LOL

I'm really excited to collaborate with VIDA. VIDA is a new kind of fashion ecommerce company that connects artists from all over the world with producers to bring our work to life. For every product sold, VIDA hopes to provide the gift of literacy to the makers they work with and of course put a little $$ in the retirement fund.

I hope to add more once I dig out my pieces and take some photos.  Who knows, there may be a design named after you!  So far I already have my mom and niece...sorry Carly 😞.

If you place an order on mine or any of the other designs, use the code VIDA10 for 10% off your total purchase.

Please, please check it out.  I think they turned out really cool and I'd appreciate you peeking and possibly purchasing something.  How cool would it be to see someone wearing something I designed?

ICAD #11, #12, #13 and #14

Wow!  Two weeks down and many more to go!
I have to be honest that this week wasn't as easy to complete all the cards.  I really had to force myself to complete some of them.  But that's ok.  It's still fun to do and I'm looking forward to Week Three.

Prompt #11:
Here's the scenario:  I'm sitting with my family watching the Giants play the Diamondbacks.  Madison Bumgarner is on the mound and he's pitching a no hitter into the 7th inning.  Nobody is saying it out loud, but we feel the tension even from our family room.  Two outs, still striking out the side, but then the next batter gets a base hit.  UGH!  He strikes out the next batter and eventually wins the game with a shut out and only one hit.  I really wanted to do my index card all about a no-hitter, but I did write on the back about his performance since it was still noteworthy.
I drew the home plate in the center and then watercolored the background.  I used my Sahara Sand inkpad to add some color around home plate.  I also used some walnut ink around the edges.  Handwrote the quote.  Used the Lila Grey Elements #2 stamp set and a variety of green inks to add some marks around the piece.  Then used white acrylic paint too.  LOVE!

Prompt #12:
I grabbed red, blue and green acrylic paint to fingerpaint circles around the card.  Black ink and a toilet tissue roll for the black circles.  White correction pen for the white dots and marks.  I know, this has nothing to do with T.V., but I wasn't really inspired by this prompt so I just played and then I added the words to keep with the theme.

Prompt #13:
I grabbed these rectangle and square stamps that I haven't used in forever!  A variety of bright ink colors and just stamped.  Added more circle shapes around the index card and used a white pen to draw circles in the larger dots.  I wrote the words very loopy with a black BIC pen & highlighted in white.  I started with squares since it reminded me of four-square and hopscotch.

Prompt #14:
Venn Diagram
This one is pretty basic.  I colored in one side with a yellow watercolor marker and the other with a bright pink marker.  Although if I would have mixed these two, it would have gave me an orange color, but instead of actually mixing them, I just used an orange marker.  I used blue watercolor paint around the edge and outlined the circles with a black watercolor marker.  I spritzed it with water and it ran way too much.  So I blotched it and drew it again.  I wrote the words "you, me, us".  Not much to this one but I do like the way the watercolor gives a blotched background.  I wonder if you get this because of the gesso'd base??

To learn more about ICAD go to the DAISY YELLOW website.  You can learn more about it and get the prompts in order to participate.
Have fun!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


It's Wednesday and What's On My Work Desk??  Hollyhocks!

My hollyhocks are dried out and I've harvested their seeds.  I am bringing some in to share with my coworkers and of course as an artist, I can't just bring in the seeds.  I'm working on making envelopes to put them in.  I have this beautiful stamp set from Stampin' Up that I use every time I do this. 

I used a bright pink ink since my hollyhocks are a bright pink flower.

These plants started out as seeds that a now retired coworker handed out 12 years ago!  After I harvested those seeds, I put them in an envelope because I wasn't sure what to do with them.  Later when my sister was pregnant, we handed them out as baby shower favors.  Put a tag on them saying something like "plant these and think of baby Jori".  Well, I have been thinking of my beautiful niece every year since.  She just turned 11. 

Every so often when we visit certain friends and family members, they will say, "hey see those flowers, they are Jori's."  It's pretty cool and I know my sister and niece love it.  The great thing about hollyhocks is they bloom year after year because they re-seed.  You don't even need a green thumb to keep these growing back.

If you'd like an envelope of seeds, make sure to comment and send me an email address so I can contact you later for a mailing address.  I'd love to brighten your garden!

WOYWW:  A community of artists/crafters who share their work desks on a weekly basis.  Have fun peeking into everyone's craft rooms/spaces.  I just started participating and I love it!  Join in and show us WOYWW!

NOTE: Jan has been hosting the WOYWW while the regular host, Julia has been out for medical reasons.  Next week, Julia will be back and WYOWW will return to her blog.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to put her link in the next week's WOYWW.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

July Flower of the Month; Larkspurs

I love July's Flower of the Month digi stamp! 
I know my flowers are a little less bright than larkspurs probably are in real life, but I love the way this piece turned out.

The background was created as a brush off piece of other projects.  Originally it was covered in gesso and then just had the blue marks (in the center).  Those marks were made because I had paint on my fingers and I was too lazy to look for a baby wipe. 
The pistachio ink spray was sprayed to test the color before adding to another project.
Then the larger circles were added when I was creating one of the ICAD projects. 
The silver spots and white circles were from different markers.
I like mopping up, wiping, stamping off, whatever it takes to use all products.  Having my blank journal next to me helps me do this.  It's amazing what backgrounds can come out of it.
White splatter was using a new technique I learned from K Werner Design's Youtube channel.  You place acrylic paint on the edge of an acrylic block, add some water and using a paint brush, flick it toward the place you want the splatter.  It controls the splatter to where you want it.  I've used this on many other projects and it's a GREAT little tip.  (By the way, if you get a chance, check out her galaxy with watercolor paints video...too cool!  I hope to try this soon.)

I fussy cut the larkspur after water coloring the flowers and added yellow acrylic paint on the background to serve as a shadow before adhering the flowers to it.
Oh yeah, I forgot that at some point I decided to use a pencil and write summer and other words randomly on the page.

Lila Grey has amazing digi stamps. You can get the larkspur as well as many other flowers and images.  
While you're at Lila Grey's website, check out the clear stamps that are also available.  Yes, those three Elements stamps are designed by little ol' me.  I use these stamps ALL the time and these kinds of stamps are so popular right now.
Products Used:
Acrylic Paint:  Too Blue, Baby Blue, Lt. Pink, Sunny Yellow, White
Ink:  Basic Black Re-inker
Markers:  Silver Paint Marker and White Correction Ink Pen
Ink Spray:  Ranger's Pistachio
Watercolor Paint: Crayola (purple & blue and green & brown)
#2 Pencil

Tools Used:  Fingers, Toilet Tissue Roll & a Paint Brush

Week Two ICAD #8, #9 and #10

OMG!  Can you believe it!  I'm onto Week #2 and still going strong!

Prompt #8:

Island = beach = shells

I covered the index card with gesso, used Sahara Sand ink pad (SU!) for the bottom half and blue watercolor paint for the top half.  Stamped some shells (SU!) and used watercolor pencils to color them in.  Handwrote "Go Barefoot" and added some black splatter.  Afterwards, I added white pen to outline the shells.

Prompt #9:
I knew I had a compass stamp and that's the first thing I did after putting gesso on the card.  After that I wasn't sure what I was going to do.  I had a few ink spots on my table so I decided to rub the ink all over the card.  No specific pattern or placement, just adding color.  I really, really liked the way it turned out.  I was watching a youtube video about creating a galaxy look with watercolor paint and she had a great tip on spreading white (or any color) ink dots around your projects.  Basically you place the white acrylic paint on the edge of an acrylic block add some water and using a paint brush, flick it toward the area you want the splatter.  I tried it and it really does work.  I love it!  Once that paint dried I used a ledger background stamp just here and there and then drew the messy border & write the quote.  

Prompt #10:
Cobalt Blue
I actually had to look this color up.  LOL  I didn't have cobalt, but I had Too Blue acrylic paint so I covered the index card with it.  Honestly, I was going to stop there LOL, but thought that might be cheating a little.  I stamped/embossed the feather along the card with copper.  Then I used the splatter technique as above.  Drew circles around the feathers and that's all.  

You'll be happy to hear that I'm still going strong.  I'll post the next few soon.
All stamps used are from Stampin' Up.