Tuesday, July 18, 2023

Acrylic Bookmarks

Got another Cricut project for ya. I purchased some acrylic bookmarks from Caluya Designs because I love her SVGs and was positive I’d love her blanks. In fact, when you order bookmarks, you get all the bookmark SVGs for free! It doesn't get much better than that!

There were so many designs but I whittled them down to these. I thought the snarky sentiments were perfect for my daughter and I to use during Summer Reading Marathon. We started SRM since she was six and she'll be turning 30 this year. It's a friendly competition and we love it!

These bookmarks are fabulous! Besides a good price and quick shipping, the size of the bookmarks are perfect since they will work in a small paperback or a larger hardback. Each bookmark has a protective cover on both the front and back of them to prevent scratching.

This was an easy project since the design was already sized for the bookmarks. The hardest part was choosing which design and then the colors. Since this is a small project, I was able to use scrap vinyl which is always a good thing!

The solid color swish is another SVG available and I added them to the backs for even more color!

I added some torn fabric that I have in my stash on one and a piece of cool ribbon that I bought from the Dollar Tree on the other.

What do you think? Cute, huh?

Be sure to check out the YT process video because there are a few things to be aware of when you make these.

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