Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Rock Painting

My nephew called to let me know that he liberated a rock today and I thought that was so funny. I know this is something that shouldn't be done at someone's private residence and probably not even in nature, but you know what...I did it anyway. I liberated a rock while on an afternoon walk out in the fields by my work.

The rock is a little larger than the size of my palm and it's perfect to add to my garden. 

Just so you know...I'm not normally a person who can grow things. I do not have a green thumb. If anything, I have the complete opposite effect in my garden. HA! I'm not even sure I should call it a garden, but every year, I try again.

Last year I was determined to cultivate a corner in our backyard as a memorial area to our son. I added two trellises, a windchime and a nice little border fence. You know what...plants are growing! In fact, they are thriving! This makes me so happy!

You may recall the garden bricks that my daughter and I made last year (you can see the post HERE) but I also want to put this painted rock around there since I painted it for my son who loved Batman.

I know it's wonky and definitely not perfect but I love it!

I placed it in the bird bath for now until I find a better place. (The side is cracked so it doesn't hold water anymore - thinking about adding succulents???)

Although it's basically just me painting a rock, you can check out the YouTube video to see what I did with the leftover paint. Never waste art medium :).

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