Monday, March 25, 2024

Card Making Frenzy Round Two

Hey there, I just want to brag a little...I made an additional NINE cards using stuff on my desktop. You know all those scraps of paper or little items that didn't quite make it on the original project? Well, I decided to make cards using only what's on my desk.

I still have lots of random scraps & supplies left on my desk but now they are more organized. I may have to do a Round Three. I'm always happy to challenge myself and some of these were surely a challenge.

The YouTube video does not show how I made all the cards, but you can see the process on four of them and of course if you have any questions, please leave a comment.

Card One: Rectangles are 1.75x2.5 and then cut diagonally
Card Three: White mat is 4x5.25; Green 3.75x5 and the strips are 
Card Four:  Cut two sets of four 1.25" squares plus one extra.

Raggedy Ann & Pumpkin Spice cards:  Rectangles are 2.5x3.75 and cut diagonally (check out THIS post for more details) As a matter of fact, this card is why I have these scraps on my desk!

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