Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Card Making Frenzy Round One

As you may or may not know, we've been giving the Command Center an updo. It looks so good and organized. There is still more to go but there is such a huge difference already and it's pretty exciting. 

Well, as we're in clean up and organize mode, I gathered all the miscellaneous items on my desktop and placed them in containers to bundle 'like' products. I gotta tell ya, there is a lot of junk on my desk! I decided to create cards using only what's on my desk.

This is Round One since I got tired after six cards. I filmed three of them on this YouTube video and THIS one that was posted earlier.

Here are more of photos of some of the cards:

I can't really say where I got the items since they've been on my desk for so long, and the focal point images were either created earlier by me or received in a swap. I can tell you that these two lady stamps are from Unity Stamps. I have about five different ladies and I love them all!

Be sure to come back for Round Two! I have plenty of supplies for lots of cards!

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