Saturday, June 27, 2020

Junk Journal Pages

Have I told you lately that I love working in my Junk Journal? Well, I do! Sometimes I just flip through the signatures just to see what's already been done.  Other times, I'll purposely select pages to work on. I did a little bit of both this past week.

I have containers, baggies and folders full of "junk" for my journal. Many of them are already "prettied" by mopping up excess medium when I'm working on other projects.

I pulled out this beautiful under paper and cut a piece to put in the journal.

The two pages that it's sandwiched between were done by my granddaughter. Check out the post HERE.
I wasn't too concerned of the rip since I knew it was eventually going to be covered.

I cut out the RESET button on this mailer and handwrote the other words.

I added more color, stamps, and marks before calling it done.

Don't you wish we could hit a RESET button for 2020? What a year!

Here's another spread I worked on:

The owl was encouraged by Tamara Laporte of You saw the lion earlier this week. Isn't her work fun!?! I love the bright colors of this spread. I added the verse to the left side with a Sharpie to complete the spread.

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