Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Coffee Theme Card(s)

Hey there! Are you a coffee fan or do you know someone who is? I made this card for a Design Team project for the Sketch n Scrap challenge blog and you can see the original post HERE

And then created this second card to coordinate.

I love the green and brown combination...hmmm...remind you of any particular coffee company?

The embellishments on these cards were in my collection for a long time. Unfortunately, I'm not the one who made them. They were from a swap years ago so these are a limited edition :)

The punched paper was from a friend. She gave me a bunch of them. I thought they were solid cardstock so I was excited and then realized there were punched circles throughout. I wasn't sure what I could do with them and then this idea popped in my head.

If you like working with sketches, check out the Sketch n Scrap blog for card and scrapbook layout sketches. They post two of each every month!

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