Thursday, September 22, 2022

April, 2021 MIR Layout

I'm sure like me, all of you have a board (or two) in Pinterest with layout sketches and ideas. I pulled this sketch HERE because it seemed pretty simple and allowed for four photos. I love multi-photo layouts especially when scrapbooking an event.

I've been doing Month In Review layouts for some time now and I just love the idea. There are so many times during a month that may require a photo or two but not necessarily an entire layout (I'm not much of a one photo per layout person).

This layout is just that...things that took place in April, 2021.

I pulled out this paper pad from We Are Memory Keepers because I loved the colors and patterns. I used three pieces of patterned paper and was so determined to use that 'April' calendar card (check out the video) but it just didn't make the final cut.

Watch the process video as I go from one idea to another. The final layout is definitely inspired by the sketch, but of course I made it my own.

I ended up getting SEVEN photos on this layout! I also pulled out my "Sticker Book" and used so many wayward stickers to make the embellishment clusters. 

My advice for putting together clusters...make sure some part of each piece touches or are close enough to look like it belongs there - try to cluster in odd numbers and add a variety of shapes/types to create interest. There should always be a variety of "weight" between the clusters. One main (heavy), one a little lighter and then of course the lightest. This also adds visual interest. 

Of course there are no RULES in scrapbooking so do what makes you happy and what looks good to you!

Close ups of the three clusters:

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