Sunday, August 8, 2021

Personal Five Day Cricut Challenge; Day #1 Using Vinyl

Hi there, check out my YouTube video announcing the Five Day Cricut Challenge that I created for myself. The challenge is to create a Cricut project a day for five days straight. Like I mention in the video, I'm not sure if that's the challenge since I use my Cricut all the time. But the challenge is really creating, filming and then posting the projects each day.

Check out the announcement below:

And see the first process video here:

I love how this sign turned out with the addition of the vinyl sunflowers! I haven't seen the finished wreath yet, but I know it'll be amazing! NOTE: When you see signs like this (especially when they are on clearance, grab them! You can always give them an updo!)

Before and After photos:

Be sure to come back for all five projects! I promise they will be different materials and techniques!

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