Monday, October 30, 2023

Candy Pockets; Halloween Treats

How cute are these candy pillows? Since they were so easy and perfect for classroom treats, I made a lot of them! I made enough so my granddaughters can give them to their classmates.

I found the ghost shape in Cricut Design Space and cut 30 in plain white and 30 in different colored patterned papers. Since the patterned paper ghosts are facing out, I flipped these ghosts on the canvas before cutting. I also changed the color to pink (any color will do) so I knew which ones should be white and which ones should be the patterned paper.

These are about 4.5x5" and two candies fit in each one. The idea is for the recipient to tear open the packet to get the candy.

Projects like these are a great way to use up older papers and I just happen to have a whole pad of color prints that were perfect for this project. I also used white paper that I’ve been saving for something like this. Sometimes when I buy albums refills, the sleeves come filled with a lightweight white paper. Well these are those! 

I used a black marker to add the eyes & mouth to them.

Once the front & backs were cut, I used tacky glue to adhere them together. I left an opening at the bottom so I could add a few candies. Once filled, I used hot glue to close them.

So easy and so cute! Watch the process video:

Change the shape & color and these are perfect for any celebration!

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