Thursday, October 26, 2023

Album Title Page

This was a simple title page for the front of the wedding album I'm working on for my nephew & newest niece. I was inspired by a tutorial from Scrapbooking The Day Away. There's a free and paid membership plan for her site and it has all things scrapbooking! I just love it for inspiration, challenges, sketches, and just scrapbook talk. Be sure to check out the website HERE.

My nephew created both of these signs that were set out on the road and at the reception hall. There were a lot of DIY things and you KNOW I loved that!

I struggled with this layout because I didn't want it to be too busy but also, it was just too plain. I do like the final outcome better because I see a diagonal line of embellishments where there wasn't one before. Who knows? I may come back to it later but for's done!

It was lacking something...

I created a fringy heart to add to the bottom. I really like how it turned out but probably could have been a bit larger. It's ok for now. See how it's made by watching the YouTube process video.

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