Saturday, January 21, 2023

Inexpensive Photo Backdrop

I love my local Dollar Tree! I've been collecting these vinyl sticker brick panels for a short time now and finally decided to add them to an old closet door for a photo backdrop (or floordrop - is that a thing?). I'm constantly taking photos of my projects and some need a larger background than what I have.

We did some rearranging a while back and I removed one of my closet doors. Well, that door wasn't made of wood, it was a thin pressboard type of thing. I kept it for a long time and finally I decided to add these vinyl panels to it.

Before adding the vinyl, I measured and cut the door by using a box cutter and long ruler. Once that was done and after a good cleaning, I adhered each brick panel to it making sure to line up the bricks.

These vinyl stickers are a pretty good quality considering they came from the a dollar store.

Check out the short video HERE and take a look at the backdrop in action!

It's great for all projects!

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