Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Mosaic-like Background & Card

So I did a thing...you know when you buy red rubber stamps and they come all together on a base and you have to take them out of it? Well, I've been saving those leftover bases for years with this particular project in mind.

What I did was adhere those pieces to an acrylic block in no particular order and then added three different color inks one at a time.
Blue, Green & Orange

See the YouTube process video below:

I ended up making two different backgrounds as you can see in the video. For the second one, I added more red rubber pieces to completely cover the acrylic block.

Then I cut the background pieces using a rectangle stitched die. I've had those dies for a while now and finally been using them more and more.)

Here's a photo of one of the finished cards. I'll show the other next week!

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