Monday, March 1, 2021

BBTB2; Anything Goes Challenge (Cutting A Multi Layered HTV Project)

It's time for another two week challenge theme at the Bitten By The Bug 2 (BBTB2) challenge site. This challenge theme is...anything goes.

I filmed a quick time-lapse video on making a customized face mask for my neighbor by using a SVG that I created.

This was a small project so I was able to use scrap pieces of red, white, gold and black to create the layers. Once I hit “make it”, I selected each layer and clicked the 3 dots on the upper left of the image to move each layer to another mat - the first mat. Making sure to place these objects with plenty of space between them and allow room for the different color vinyl.

I know this is a horrible photo and super small but I think you can tell what I mean. The different color vinyl pieces were placed in the same position of the images on the mat design in DS. 

You’ll only have to load/cut the mat one time for all four colors. This is such a timesaver!

Hints when using HTV: 
  • Be sure that the shiny side is facedown on the mat when you are cutting
  • Mirror your images before you cut
  • For small pieces, use washi tape to make sure they are stuck to the mat
I used my mini press for this project. I love this little guy for these small projects! Be sure to use a teflon sheet or something similar to protect the previous layer when doing a multi-layer project. I like to also iron on the back to add extra heat to the adhesive. Remember to work from the bottom layer to the top.


  1. Dorlene, I love your videos! thanks so much for the tutorial. I have been apprehensive when it's more than one layer. great project!!


  2. Fun project and I am sure they loved it. I also try to put things on one mat because it does save time and uses keeps one area of the mat from becoming overused.

  3. Wonderful personalized mask creation with vinyl and video.
    Melissa BBTB2 Design Team Member 2021
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  4. I enjoyed your instructions and pointers on making your project. Great job on this personalized mask. It makes mask wearing so stylish!

  5. Great instructions! The idea for a personalized mask is great, as I think we will be wearing them for awhile! Anything to make them more personal and part of an outfit is awesome!


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