Sunday, December 5, 2021

12 Days of Christmas Tags; Day 2

Day two of the tag series and I went an easy route with these.

I created these stickers by gell printing on some standard shipping labels and they were in my tag making supply container.

I knew using these stickers would save me some agony by eliminating the need to add adhesive to paper. I used my mouth and left hand to tear the labels in half diagonally and then stick to the tag base.

Then I added these 3D stickers to the bottom of each of them. I usually buy Christmas stuff after Christmas when they are super cheap-best time to buy!
Then some gold dots, an extra color tag and some black lined border.
And I topped them with some dog inspired buttons.
I'll need help adding ribbon to them, but I'm glad I didn't stop with just the labels and stickers.

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