Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Upcycled Canvas - Guest Room Revamp

Over the weekend, I decided to upcycle a canvas that my son brought home years ago and start decorating our guest room. We painted the walls a light blue with no idea what/how to decorate it. I saw some cute palm tree pictures at Hobby Lobby for only $4 each (after a 75% off clearance). I bought two. That is how the theme blossomed into tropical/Hawaiian.

The canvas went from this:
I grabbed my white, tan and blue scraps and started decoupaging them to the canvas to create some texture.

I used up a bunch of scraps for this project. I was so happy!

Once I added all the scraps, I painted two layers of white gesso over the top.
Then I started painting. I started by defining the horizon by painting a dark blue line across the canvas. From there, I added a little white and slowly moved down until I had a strip left to add some "sand". Once that dried, I squiggled white paint between the sand and water line to emulate waves.

To create the sky, I went with a lighter blue and just blended different hues of it to create some interest and then smudged some mostly white paint for the clouds.

Before I finished, I used the tip of a fine brush to add small white dots and lines across the water here & there.

I am really happy how it turned out!

Stay tuned to see the entire revamp of the Guest Room.

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