Thursday, April 9, 2020

2020 Goal Update; Weeks 7-14

Hey there!
My 2020 New Year Goal is coming along. I made a goal for myself to send at least one card a week and so far so good.

As promised, I actually took photos of each card before I mailed them.

Week 7:  Tony's Birthday Card (DS1)
Week 8:  Juan's Birthday Card
Week 9:  Caroline and Connie's Birthday Cards
Week 10:  Stella Thinking Of You Card
Week 11:  Katiya's Birthday Card
Week 12:  Bobby's Birthday Card
Week 13:  Kim's Birthday Card
Week 14:  Easter Cards (mom & Vern)

The cards:

The "Snoopy" card had an up-do. I made that card years ago and it was really flimsy. Check out the video:

And the final card:

If you'd like to receive a handmade card from me, send me an email with your mailing address. You can find my email on the "Contact Me' tab on the Home Page.

My card box is getting so full, I felt the need to spread the love. I make cards but don't mail them out. It makes no sense! So, with this goal, I am also sending cards from the box and not making new ones.

This has also prompted some new sales of my cards. It is a happy accident since that wasn't my intention, but hey, I'll take it.

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  1. I late for the desk, so have really enjoyed the two for one! another fun video and a lovely finish on the snoopy card, it’s a really nice design - the masked square is a lovely idea. You’re winning at the card a week, how great is that!


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