Monday, March 23, 2020

Junk Journal; Who Loves You

We are in a Shelter in Place state now and I’m spending a lot of time in the Command Center. With schools closed, we need to keep LeAnna busy so we are planning on doing a family Paint Nite. I started searching Pinterest and YouTube and came up with some that I thought would work for all the different ages and artistic levels.

I tried this out in my Junk Journal before trying to “teach” it on a canvas. I had to look for a two page spread that was white or at least mostly white. This was the only one!

Check out my YouTube video:

I went to Pinterest and searched for “How To Draw an Owl” and found this from So simple and easy even for someone who CANNOT draw. LOL

Acrylic Paints Used:
Royal Violet
Bright Yellow
Brown Oxide
Caramel Candy
Black & White
All Apple Barrel paints from Walmart

When I painted the white, I was really disappointed that it wasn’t white as it was on the original painting, but then I realized I really liked the teal since it gave the moon craters and more dimension!

Updated picture with white paint splatters

So fun!

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