Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Command Center Updo

I mentioned earlier that the Command Center is getting an updo! It is long overdue but I never wanted to start it because it just seemed like it would be too much work. It was...but totally worth it!

I'm sure there are sections that we'll redo and change, but for the first go around, it looks so much better! I purchased three different size shelving from IKEA using the KALLAX system - basically cubicles.

We purged a lot of supplies but I'm happy to report that I donated two huge tote bags of stamps to an Art Reuse store in San Diego and I'm bringing papers and embellishments to the Stamp & Scrapbook Expo this weekend to add to the Trash/Treasure tables.

Be sure to check out the quick video showing the updo and take a look at the photos as well.

Clear bins:  The smaller ones are from The Dollar Tree and the larger ones are from Amazon. Such a huge cost savings finding those small bins at the dollar store!
The cubicles are Kallax shelves from IKEA. Including some shelf inserts. These were great for using those small clear bins so I could four in one cube!
The clear paper trays are from  They seemed to be the best deal. I bought a set of eight for a better discount.
Cloth bins are from Walmart.

We reused other bookshelves from what was already in the room. They worked perfect for larger items - like the paper holders. They were just a tad larger than the cubbies. I also refigured the wire shelving. I may end up getting another Kallax shelf for the corner behind me and moving those wire shelves into the closet. That's a project for another day!

We also purchased a new tv stand that swivels & has an outlet strip on the back (with two chargers).

I still have to put up some art work but I am waiting until I'm absolutely sure about placements. Still need to add labels to the bins but that's about it!

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