Thursday, November 24, 2022

Print and Cut Stickers

I've only used the Print and Cut feature in Cricut a few times to make stickers and every time I'm really happy with the results. Have you tried making stickers? It's so easy especially when you already have the image(s) uploaded into Design Space.

I created decals for our family's annual virtual marathon - TomKat Strut - last year and I wanted to continue with this tradition. You can see last year's decal peeking out on the right side. This is our second year for this annual marathon and I'm hoping to continue making decals. You can read more about the Strut HERE.

Since the intent is to use them on our water bottles, they needed to be waterproof.  In order to do that, I put a layer of clear vinyl on top of the vinyl sticker paper after they were printed. Be sure to place the clear vinyl between the black square guidelines so that your machine can still scan them.

Check out the YouTube process video to see how easy it is!

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