Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Mixed Media Tag

Hubby and I are visiting my sister and mother in Tucson, Arizona. I know you're thinking why would anyone go and visit Arizona in the summer...we're here to give my sis a break while watching mom. We are experiencing high temps but also monsoons. Even as I'm typing this, it is raining hard with thunder and lightening outside. We even experienced a sand/dust storm. Now that was eerie!

I brought along some crafty supplies and my sis has some supplies here too. I had some downtime and decided to make (and film) a mixed media tag. I started out thinking I was going to make a card, but it turned into a tag and I just love it!

Check out the process video here - you even get to see me on this one!

Here are some photos of the final project:

I love how fun this was working with limited supplies and tools. It took a turn from "wasn't sure if I liked it" to "love it!"

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