Friday, January 22, 2021

TGIF #162

TGIF and Happy Thankful Friday! This week I'm thankful for the fact that my hubby and I finally agreed on a theme for our master bedroom. Well, agreed may be a strong word. Let's just say, I picked a theme/color scheme and he didn't disagree. LOL

After 20 years (in April) of living in our house, I'm finally starting to decorate our bedroom.

I've only just started, but here's a peek at one side of the room.

We went from this:

To this:

And I have so much more planned. We are even going through our closet!

Have a great week! Leave a comment below on what you are thankful for this week.

Since my blog is mostly to talk about crafting and all things around that, I didn't want to get too much into politics, but my biggest thankful moment this week was the inauguration of our new President and Vice President. Wow, tears were flowing during the ceremony! We are so ready for big changes!

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