Friday, July 10, 2020

Card Goal Update; Weeks 22 - 28 & TGIF; Thankful Friday #137

My card box is thinning out! I donated 26 cards to on their cards for kindness drive. (If you're interested in contributing to this drive, check out my earlier post HERE.) That helped a lot, but I'm still making cards and sending them out.  Woo Hoo!

I've been gathering cards based on the occasions that I prepare for and put them aside to send out weekly. By the end of the time period, I not only send out the predesignated cards, but also other cards as reasons come up. So for Set 3, I gathered the following cards:

Week 22: RAK to Bianca; Get Well to a coworker
Week 23: Stacey's Birthday; DS2 Graduation; Thank You
Week 24: Father's Day and Thinking of You to a friend (she had surgery)
Week 25: Oops! Skipped this week by accident
Week 26: Just Because to my friend Katie and birthday card to a friend's son
Week 27: Thank You card for a friend
Week 28: Nephew Marcus' Birthday

And additional cards that I sent during this timeframe:
My granddaughter made this card with a little help from the Circuit. To be fair, I did not send it, she did, but I thought it was worth adding to the weekly card list! (Her cousin, my niece broke her leg hence the crutches.)
This was made using the Elements 1
stamp set from Bloom Art
This was on a YouTube Video
(Click HERE to see the original post)
If you are interested in receiving a handmade card from me, let me know.

This is also my TGIF; Thankful Friday post. This week I'm thankful that I'm sending these cards out. It's been great hearing from people that have been blessed by handmade cards. I'm having a lot of fun with this! Many are being encouraged to start sending their own cards (and many have purchased cards from me). Although selling them was not my intention, but hey...a little bit of green never hurt anyone.

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