Friday, May 18, 2018

TGIF; Thankful Friday #43

YES! Friday is here! Are you going to watch the Royal Wedding tomorrow? I probably won't watch the whole thing, but will definitely take a peek.

This has been a busy week. It's also been a fabulous one! So this week I'm thankful that I inherited a giving heart. I was raised in a household where giving/sharing/helping others was something very normal. I never really thought much about it until this week.

Monday, I assisted my friend's graduating daughter in completing a decorated graduation cap - she was so excited!
Tuesday & Wednesday, I sat and helped my future Daughter-In-Law with a mini scrapbook album for two of her students. (Used a lot of my older stash too!)
This morning - while at Starbucks, I decided to perform a Random Act of Kindness to the person behind me in the drive thru.

I am not tooting my own horn, I'm just mentioning all these things because I feel so good today! It surely is a blessing when you are able to GIVE without expecting anything back.

I hope you get a chance to perform some kind of Random Act of Kindness this week!
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Share what you're thankful for this week. I'd love to hear all about it. Maybe you were the recipient of a RAK - maybe you were the blond lady behind me at Starbucks this morning! LOL

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