Monday, September 24, 2018

Sundays are Made For Football

I did not do one thing of craftiness this weekend but was able to show off the simple 49er t-shirt I made two weeks ago.  The bottom of the "y" got stuck to the iron, so that was messed up, but still a cute t-shirt.

And make up or anything! Just like I want it on the weekends.

I made the SVG by uploading an image of the SF logo into Design Space. Then it's a matter of cleaning up the "white" spots. The lettering was done with different fonts that I've either purchased or are on my computer.

On Sundays, I always prepare munchies for the games. Some weeks, we have a full house and others it's just the two of us, but either way, we have plenty to munch on during the day. If I'm lucky, there are leftovers for Monday too.

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