Saturday, August 18, 2018

Art Pouches

It's been awhile since I mentioned my shop in VIDA.

VIDA is an organization that makes clothes, scarves, bags, etc from designers all over the world. Some even famous - not me (hee hee).

These pouches are approximately 7 x 9" and are perfect to hold your art supplies. They are made with a sturdy canvas like material with the same design on both sides. I use them to hold my paint markers on a regular basis and use them to put my art supplies when I'm traveling. They have a small pocket in the side as well.

Here are the two that I purchased for myself:

And it's signed by me!

I love this quote!
Can you see the pocket on the right?

All of these are my art designs and VIDA puts them on the clothing/bag/etc. of my choosing. Aren't they fun?


  1. I love those pouches! And yes, I love that quote as well. I just try not to lose. Way too competitive for my own self sometimes hehe.
    Creative Blessings

  2. These are awesome! Great quotes too. What a coolidea.

  3. Well I just clicked on your Vida link - I have to say v impressed. What a great idea.


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