Saturday, January 27, 2018

Junk Journal Post #6

I'm not gonna say it...I'm not gonna say it...yes, I am...I love these junk journals!

Today I'm showing off the left side of the journal. The left side is the back side of a mailing envelope. I think I want to put a quote on there, but just not sure what yet.

I really need practice on these mandalas. I feel like I start strong but then just don't know how to finish them. LOL

When I saw this small canvas, I thought a corner mandala would look nice. I grabbed a black fine point sharpie and starting drawing each layer until I filled about half of the piece. So it was all in black/white (when technically not white since the background is yellow-ish but you know what I mean). I pulled out my watercolor paint tray and just started added colors. The white is actually watered down acrylic paint. I also added some silver accents.

I really, really like it now that it's colorful!

I'll show off the right side once I do something with it. Right now, it just has some clean off color from another project. Can't waste all that beautiful ink!

So, what do you think? Are you ready to make your own junk journals too? I swear you will not regret it and since you’re using “junk”, there is no expense!

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