Monday, October 9, 2017

Look At Us Making Things! AKA Outdoor Projects

Don't look too closely at the backyard, but I'm super excited about the small improvements we're doing back there. So, our backyard is jacked up! Which is the least offensive way to describe it LOL. We are slowing getting into the groove of changing that. We added these inexpensive pavers to one corner to build a small patio on the side. This area gets lots of shade in the afternoon/evening & is perfect for this table set. We cleared and leveled the area (about 10' x 10'), added some sand and literally just placed down the pavers. I know, I know, we probably should have done this or that, but it is what it inexpensive upgrade. We weren't set out to create a huge project that never gets done.

DH, who is not very handy at all, viewed some YouTube videos after I told him "WE COULD DO IT" when he wanted to buy a fire pit. He did it! I am so proud that he decided to go for it. Except for the initial digging of the circle (only about 5-6" deep) the rest took less than an hour to put together. We're going to add pea rock around the pit about 12" to 15" deep and then place large pavers to create a seating area for it. We have other easy ideas too but like I told DH, we'll do one area at a time so we won't get overwhelmed and then give up.
We've outgrown the need for grass. Well, maybe not so much outgrown, but realized that we suck at keeping grass alive! We are going to put some grass, but only in one area on the side. I'm actually keeping some new plants alive and I really, really, want some planter boxes for a small garden.

Once the new fence is up, we'll have a better idea of what we want to do.
I for one hate hiring people to do simple projects. Believe me, I know experts are needed for specialized projects, but stacking some bricks on top of each other...WE CAN DO THAT! I'm so happy we did.  You know when I say "we", I really mean him since all I did was stand there and look pretty. With the change in the weather, I can't wait to use this thing soon!

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  1. Your back yard is looking so fabulous!! The fire pit is awesome!! I can't wait to see the completed project!! Have a great day!! Big hugs :)

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