Sunday, September 11, 2016

September 11

I overhead my brother-in-law speaking to my niece about September 11 and what happened on that day back in 2001 and I thought to myself, oh my, there are people who don't know about that tragic event.  Of course she didn't, she was way too young.  It's crazy that something so powerful could be something that future generations are going to read about and learn just like we all do on other historical events.

What were you doing on that day?  I remember getting ready to go to work and I never watch tv in the morning.  For some reason, I decided to turn on the morning news.  And they had a stream of photos of the first airplane crash.  Then as I was watching they had a live feed of the second one.  At that time, everyone was speculating on it and still unsure if it was intensional or accident.  On the way to work, I continued to listen to the news and by the time I reached work, everyone was in tears, sick to our stomachs and in shock.  I don't think there was much work going on that day.  What a crazy time as we listened to the president speak, watched Ground Zero and viewed all those photos and horrifying videos.  Unbelievable.  Shocking.  Sad and Scary!  Our lives and way of living was going to change.  Thankfully, I did not lose family or friends, but we still shed many tears.

I do remember the amazing feeling of patriotism all over.  The need to think of your fellow man versus ourselves.  Lots of flags being shown, flown and visible everywhere.  It was pretty cool!  Everyone was proud to be an American.

Things have changed a lot - some good, some bad, but change for sure.  Hugs and prayers for those who lost someone and mourn on this Day of Rememberance.

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  1. Hi Dorlene

    I was at work that day, in Central London. I worked for a post-production television company, and we had TVs in all the editing suites that were permanently tuned to MTV. I worked in a regular office and we had a radio playing, the news was broadcast at about a quarter to two in the afternoon, and we flew out of our office into reception and changed the channel on the TV there. We were all horrified and shocked. Stunned. In the end, as we watched events unfold, our CEO sent us all home as fears grew for the skyscrapers in London. I had a two & a half hour commute out of London so they made sure we all got home safely that night.

    Awful times, still so vivid in our memories....xx


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