Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ICADS Completed! Now What?!?

Whew!  There were times I didn't think I'd get through it and other times I couldn't get enough, but I'm so glad I fell upon this challenge site and so glad I saw it through.

Oh what fun it is to do a little something creative each day!  It was pretty cool pushing myself to just go for it.  Rubber Paws' stamps sure did save me a lot on these prompts.  I used stamps I haven't used since they have been gifted to me. Read more about Rubber Paws by clicking on her label to the right.

I used the MISTI a lot during this time as well.  WOW!  Is it the Most Incredible Stamping Tool Invented?  Yes, I'll vote yes.  Especially when stamping on a warped surface.  I loved being able to multi-stamp an image knowing the placement is perfect each time.

Photos of all 61 index cards:

Now what?!?

Some are making their way onto card fronts, others are being put on my VIDA collections clothing line (see below) and others will be matted and framed.

Crystal Prompt # 36 before the giraffe's were added
Longitude/Latitude Prompt #41
Sunflower Prompt#35
I know most will be in a container in the Command Center, but that's ok too.  I think it'll be pretty cool to look back at them from time to time.  

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