Friday, September 2, 2016

ICADS Week 8 & 9

Prompt #54 Aquarium

Prompt #55 Olympics - geez...did I draw the circles right? 

Prompt #56 Texture or Text (first photo is my first take.  I kept thinking, I don't really like I drew these diamond shapes and then painted the rest with white acrylic paint.  I just started adding some gelatos until I liked what I ended up with.

What a big difference.  But I definitely like version two better.

Week 9:
Prompt #57 Stickers - love Suzy's Zoo!

Prompt #58 Graffiti
Prompt #59 Tic Tac Toe - gettin' a little loony

Prompt #60 Sorbet
Prompt #61 Path

DAISY YELLOW comes up with the prompts during the months of June and July.  There are 61 prompts to get you through the summer.  It's not a hard rule that you must do these during the summer months, as you can tell since I started in July.  It's meant to be fun and inspiring.  I do have to say there were times where I thought, I'm done, but glad I completed all 61 prompts.  Click on the ICAD label to the right to see all my contributions.  Look for another post soon with my final thoughts and projects using the completed cards.

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