Saturday, July 7, 2012

A Crown for the Bride to Be

I did it!  I've been wanting to make a crown for so long and I finally pushed myself to do it and I LOVE it!  First of all, thanks to Burger King for the crown base :).  Kenny thinks I'm so nutty when I grab these things, but I knew one day...

So my good friend, Susan is getting married and we're having a gathering for her on Monday night.  I thought this would be fun for her to wear at the restaurant. 

Side View
Back View

Oh my gosh, do you love it?  Here's what I did:
First I decoupaged old dictionary paper all over the front and then a layer of white tissue paper and then some cut up doilies.
Then I painted the back a combination of pink and creme paint.
Trimmed the edges, of course.
Then I layered two of each pink crepe and white crepe party streamers and topped with two pages of old dictionary paper.  Sewed down the middle and then folded and cut strips just before the sewed line.  Crunch that all together to give some body.  Attached the strip to the bottom of the crown.
Made a paper rosette out of pink scrap paper and topped it with a rolled crepe party streamer flower.
Cut spirals out of the dictionary paper to make the rolled roses and put a dot of glitter in the center of all the flowers.  12 flowers total.
I found the pearl stems that I had stashed from who knows where or from what project.  I cut that apart to get the solo stems and placed them on the sides of the rosette and top of rosette.
Glued some cheap rhinestones to the front and sides.
Cut and inked a heart for the top of the front.
Stamped "BRIDE" on a piece of white paper and then put glitter on the edges and made it a banner and attached it to the top of the rosette. 


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