Monday, November 6, 2023

Groom Squad Layout

I created a bunch of base pages for the album I'm putting together for my nephew's wedding. Creating base pages really does speed up the scrapbooking process! Now all I have to do is add photos and embellishments to complete it.

Check out the Bride Squad layout that was posted HERE and of course, I couldn't leave out the Groom Squad!

This layout was basically a repeat of the bride's layout with a different title. I welded together the leaning male silhouette with the groom squad image to create this custom title. The addition of the gold glitter paper is so fun and it fits with both the bride and groom pages. You can find the title on my Design Space account with this LINK.

Check out the YouTube process video for the right side of this two page spread.

And here's a look at them together:

I absolutely LOVE the orange & navy combination. It's so beautiful!

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