Thursday, December 1, 2022

Dollar Tree Sign & The Cricut

Oh I love a good updo and I believe this is one of them. Every year for Christmas, we have a decorating contest at work. In my previous position, I was the only one in my department (besides my boss) so I would create something on my own.

But this year, I am now part of a team so I’m working with a few people. We’re doing a Christmas Tree Farm. I’ll post more photos of the decorations later but for now I’m sharing a cute sign I made. 

I first had to make this cheap Dollar Tree sign look like weathered wood. I did that by using a variety of acrylic paints.

You can see how it was made by checking out the YouTube process video.

It went from this (this is actually the back since I forgot to photo the piece prior to updoing it):
To this:

Don’t you love that font?! It’s so fun!  I used my Cricut and a variety of scrap vinyl to complete this. It does make sense to keep those small pieces of scrap vinyl!

Super cute, right?

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