Thursday, October 4, 2018

Mini Me and A Happy Birthday

SPOILER ALERT! Krystal if you're looking at this - STOP right now & come back tomorrow!

Today is my DIL birthday so last night my granddaughter came over to create something for her. I really thought, she'd make a card and that would be it, but no, she wanted to make her mommy a gift.

Now, I did not prepare for that at all. I threw some ideas out to her; one of them being a necklace using Craft Fantastic supplies. I pulled out the images that I have but she wasn't feeling it.

Then she said, she saw a video (did I tell you she's obsessed with YouTube?) and the lady used the necklace bases with crayons, etc. I thought, "oh ok" but kind of shaking my head too. Well, she found that video in record time, and YES! there is a video where the person grated crayons and placed them in the necklace base. (Sorry, I don't have a link to it.)

The Youtuber was using a miniature grater and I remembered that I have one of those...somewhere. So to the kitchen I go and I found it! Never used it - had it for years - finally found a use for it - now storing in the Command Center!

She selected the crayon colors and did all the grating. The only thing I did was melt the crayons with the heat gun.* We also decided to add a pinch of gold and clear glitter since my DIL loves glitter. We added glue and the glass and viola!
Isn't it gorgeous! I swear it looks like space/galaxy, whatever it's called. The adhesive took much longer to dry I think because of the crayon wax, but eventually it did.

I swear she's my mini me! She came up with this all on her own. Yup, proud moment!

*If you decide to make one yourself, I had to start high with the heat gun and slowly move closer to the base. The crayon flakes flew everywhere when I started low. We also added more white crayons since once the colored crayons melted it looked like a blob of purple. Adding white gave it a marbled look.


  1. Wow, what a superstar you are, brilliant help and enabling your beautiful gd to make such a fab gift for her mum, it’s amazing. Can’t help but be jealous at her brilliant memory and speed at finding the you tube video. And yours at locating the mini grater...I have one too, but I think it would take me the rest of the night to find it!!

  2. This is just another of those times when you are pleased you didn't throw stuff away even though it's hardly use. Great pendant. Happy creative week, Angela xXx

  3. HI Dorlene, oh my gosh wow that necklace/pendant looks beautiful. and that is so cool that you had the things to make it happen too. ~Stacy #30

  4. I love to hear about younger people getting creative! How wonderful that she watches crafty videos!! It helps that her grandmother is a master crafter too! The necklace is beautiful and I'm sure her mom will love it!


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