Saturday, December 16, 2017

It's A Wrap!

Inspired by This post by Alisa Burke (love her!), I decided to paint my own wrapping paper. I received a package at work and the box was full of folded newsprint paper. Now, normally I place these in our recycling box at work because they always come scrunched up and even torn. But this time it was like someone was telling me to do something with these! I saw a post earlier and loved it, but wasn't something I'd consider doing, until I received this package.

We set up a table in our spare room and I started painting. I loved her floral prints and knew I could make them into Christmas/holiday themed papers so I started with that. I used my fingers for the most part and two of these sheets are my clean off sheets.

If my back wasn't hurting, I probably would have done this all day. So fun! These sheets are probably 2x4 feet each. I can't wait to wrap gifts!

Gorgeous! And I still have lots of sheets left!

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