Thursday, August 3, 2017

Look & Be Amazed; Habakkuk 1:5

As I was working on my ICADs, I decided to work in my bible. I haven't done any bible art in a long time so I decided to bring my bible into the Command Center & work in it.

Here's the finished page and close ups:
 I applied clear gesso to the top/edges before adding gelatos. The gelatos were applied and rubbed in with my fingers. I had already added art to the backside of this page so the strip of washi was already there. I went over the AMAZED stickers with a black marker since I wanted it to stand out more. I have so many alphabet stickers and I hope to use more of them in the future. 

I stamped the banner & added random stickers. The piece of doily was sitting on the floor & I thought the color went with it so I glued it on. The tab & butterflies were punched out of the labels I made of my original art. Although the colors do not match exactly, I added the butterflies so it would tie in better. I also drew around the butterflies & added antennas to them. Remember that banner stamp was one that I almost tossed. It originally had a warped Happy Birthday in the middle but I ended up cutting it out & so glad I did. What a great stamp!

I love this verse! How inspiring! I added the tab because I can see myself returning to this verse often. I mentioned before that before I read or create in my bible, I always give a quick prayer and then randomly open a page. I believe that God speaks directly to me when I do this.

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