Monday, August 28, 2017

Disney, Disney, and more Disney

So my sister & family are going on a Disney cruise and I get to make lots of Disney decorations. (I'm being sarcastic but secretly enjoying all the Disney goodies!) Apparently it's a thing to decorate your door and my sis is fully invested which means I am too.

Here's what I've done so far:
These are all 7.5"
The larger two are at 9"


11.5" high & 15" long

Mickey is 16.75" tall!

This cutie is 11.5"

The skulls are 3.5" and the letters are 3"

Cartridges Used:
Mickey & Friends (Mickey heads & bows (large at 4.5" & smaller at 3.5")
Mickey Font (all the letters)
Everyday Paper Dolls (Snorkel Mask 3.5"; tube 6"; glasses 1.75")
Life's A Beach (ship, skull, bandana & eye patch, other boat items)
Simply Charmed (b-day cake)
George & Basic Shapes (balloons)

I'm sending these to my sister today. She'll get them laminated and put magnets on the backs. Even though I was complaining the entire time I was making these, I truly enjoyed making them. My sister is famous for last minute requests so I had to hustle to get these done in time!  This was the first time I used the 12x24 mat and papers. The paper on the pad that I have is so thin even though it says cardstock. It was hard not to rip the Mickey and boat, but I managed it.

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