Saturday, January 18, 2014

Wall Mural Day One

For the 3-day weekend, I am finally going to paint the mural I've been talking about for awhile.  Here are some photos:

Plain Wall

Kevin moving the bed so I have room to work

Step One:  GET STARTED!  No turning back now.
After painting the white letters, I realized that the F and N to start Farewell Season are supposed to be even with each other, but obviously the pattern was not quite level...dang it!  I'll figure something out so I'm not too worried, but I wish I would have noticed that before I painted...


  1. This is sooo cool (even though I'm an Orioles Fan)!

  2. It looks good! I wouldn't have noticed the two letters if you hadn't pointed it out! Next project, vinyl on the Cricut, perhaps?

  3. Wow! That is a lot to tackle! What fun!

  4. I didn't notice they were uneven until you said it LOL!!! I think you're doing an awesome job gf!!!!


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