Monday, September 2, 2013

Boring to Shabby Chic!

So the other day I accidentally bumped and broke this shelf we had in our family room forever.  Not very expensive to start with, but served it's purpose.  We had sports photos of the kids and the shelves held sports knick knacks and old signed team baseballs.  Basically, it was something that collected dust.  So, after I bumped and broke it, I took everything off, slid out the shelves and was ready to toss it.  Then for some reason, I took an other look at it and thought, hey, I think I can upcycle this to use for my craft shows.  So here's a before photo...
The shelves slid through those thin openings.  8x10 photo frames fit in the squares but you can see on the left side where the wood pieces that should divide those frame areas were broke off.

Our business sign is too large to fit in a frame, but it's perfect leaning on the side.  And color coordinates perfectly!

There is a shelf behind the chicken wire, it does not belong to this.  Kinda hard to take a good photo when there's no backing!


The top left and second right will be used as Dry Erase Boards and the second left is chalkboard paper.  We can write notes, prices, etc on them.  I still need to make coordinating clothespins for the chicken wire panel and we decided to attach clips in case we want to hang items or samples or maybe even a basket to hold more goodies.

I absolutely LOVE how this turned out!  I cannot wait to use it and show it off!  We have another sign that says "Yes, you can make it but will you?" that I will place in one of these frames.  The one we have now is in an 8x10 horizontal frame so I'll need to change the direction.  We can switch the patterned paper for Christmas when the time comes too.

I not only love this piece but am shocked that I actually had a project and finished it in the same month.  That NEVER happens!  LOL

We had to go out and purchase the paint and chicken wire, but total cost was less than $20.


  1. Wowzers! What a fabulous turnaround for that shelf. You took it from boring to beautiful! Great job.

  2. Your shelf came out amazing Dorlene!!!! I love the new did an awesome job girl...congrats!!!!!

  3. Awesome! Great display! You are so clever when it comes to up cycling! Great job!

  4. Wow! You would SO win on Flea Market Flip! Love it Dorlene!!!!

  5. This looks great!!! What a great upcycle project. I've seen tons of things done on Pinterest with old windows and doors and would love to try to do something.


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