Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Creating Bags

Another fun thing about my Monthly Card Kit are the fun bags I'm making to hold them. I'm creating these bags from a few different things - butcher paper, poster paper, packaging material from orders & even inexpensive bags from the dollar store. Take a peek at this video as I flip through the bags I've made so far and as I decorate the current bags.

It's so fun to create items with no particular rules or process. I know I'm showing you how I decorated these bags, but this can be done with any surface...scrapbook layouts, handmade wrapping paper, art & junk journals to name a few.

Check it out:

For more information regarding the Monthly Card Kits, check out this post under the "Monthly Card Kit" tab from the Home Page.

I filmed this video a while ago showing how I made the bags.

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