Saturday, October 10, 2020

Junk Journal Page; Decided To Trust Her Heart

Now that I've been filming & flipping through my Junk Journal signatures, I noticed I had lots of "blank" pages to complete. The JJ is my go to spot whenever I want to try something new. I signed up for free Life Book Taster sessions through Willowing Arts. I really need to sign up for the actual course because these tasters are SWEET. 

When I first glanced, the artists providing lessons look like they are all portrait artists - I cannot draw/paint/create a portrait to save my life, but these lessons are fabulous!

I've only completed a few so far and I'll share them soon.

Of course I forgot to snap a photo of how this page began, but it was pretty much a blank white page located in the 3rd signature (Third Signature Flip Thru HERE) with the exception of the piece adhered to the middle left side and tab.

This lesson was led by Toni Burt.

(Copy of my original art)

Final piece:
Look...I know it's not great, but you know what? I'm pretty happy on how it turned out. It actually looks like a person! LOL 

Watercolor Paints
White Acrylic Paint
White Posca Pen
Gold Liquid Ink
Black Fine Point Sharpie
Stabilo Pencil
Decorative Paper (I used a copy of my original art - see above)
Printed Words

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  1. Howdy,
    I think you did a great job making a face - better than I would have done. Also, love the colors.

    WOYWW #593 - 31


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